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Letter Fom CEO

dr ahmed gazzarineDr. Ahmed Gazzarine
Founder & CEO
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
I would like to welcome you at Pharmaoverseas company website, I am proud that I create and responsible for managing the company since 1995, specific clear professional targets were fixed to serve the Egyptian patient and deliver medicines to pharmacies as soon as possible at lowest cost.
We aimed to launch this website to be a link with our customers so we took into account when we built the website to illustrate our policies, activities, and the quality of services we offer. We firmly believe that drug distribution is a Semitic profession which requires improving the operational performance to provide the best possible services to our customers.
By providing development plans, the best of modern technology, and applying of SAP system to all branches and departments, we achieve positive results led to the sustainable growth of our business and in the framework of the strategic transformation of the business model we have created new companies in different fields as medicines importation, information technology and marketing of medical products. With applying the highest standards of quality control the economic return increased which helped to provide better services for the distribution activity and provide the best possible service to our clients. Our view of success related to the measurement of customer satisfaction to meet their aspirations and their needs.
We at Pharmaoverseas are applying the latest international standards and the reinforcement of institutionalization and accredit the principles of transparency, fairness, and commitment to include all aspects of the company's activities.
We look positively to the future to build strong professional entity designed to serve our customers and our suppliers, we are committed to achieve the best level of excellence and efficiency and to be always at the forefront of the business.
Here, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all the employees of the company for their tireless efforts to provide the best service to our customers.
Also, I extend my thanks to our suppliers and the Egyptian pharmacists for their trust and their collaboration, we promise them that Pharmaoverseas will remain the source of confidence and security for all their customers.

Dr. Ahmed Gazzarine
Founder & CEO

Our History

Pharmaoverseas was founded as a distribution company in 1995 by Dr. Ahmad Gazzarine, the Company started with one branch in Alexandria then it has been expanded to cover all Governorates of Egypt. In July 2004, SERPYMEX the second largest distribution company in France acquired 20 % of Pharmaoverseas. In 2011, it was announced as a closed shareholders company. Pharmaoverseas has more than 40 branches include 4 main stores covering all territories of Egypt with more than 81,000 m2  warehousing areas. Good Storage Practice "GSP" is applied in all warehouses. Various KPIs are in place to monitor personnel efficiency as well as services rendered to customers to maintain quality standards. Code of Conduct is the guide in every day to day activities.  It fulfills the obligations towards Pharmaoverseas suppliers, governmental bodies, society, and customers.

Our Vision

To be the leading distribution company in the Egyptian market.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing patients, customers & suppliers in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market with efficient and quality services.

Key Figures

The ability to source more than 13000 items from more than 362 manufacturers—including branded and generic pharmaceuticals, specialty, and biosimilar medicines, over-the-counter remedies, home health products and medical devices.

Our capabilities extend to management of logistics, inventory and administrative activities to more than 28,000 locations.
An average order accuracy rate of 99.9%, powered by high-touch customer support services and the latest self-service technologies that enable us to stay on top of every order.
Efficiencies gained by continuous investments in our operational capabilities and logistics infrastructure.
42 world-class distribution centers that leverage sophisticated workflow technology, inventory tracking systems, and delivery route planning tools to bring you the products you need—when you need them most.

Customer service experts who provide you with rapid response times and faster answers to any questions you may have.
More than 3700 associates committed to improving healthcare delivery and patient care.




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