Dr. Ahmed Hassan Hafez Gazzarine was born in 1945, during childhood  he loved reading and science that enabled him to join the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Alexandria, where he graduated in 1970, he worked hard during his university years, all of these qualified him to travel to Congo between 1971 and 2001 where he worked in the Ministry of Health and was among three pharmacists in the Congo Republic, then he took over as “director” of a French drug distribution company, he also set up his own a pharmacy in the capital Brazzaville, but unfortunately the civil war took place at that time which forced  him to end his business there and return Egypt on a Civil plane.

He was considered the first to introduce the drug distribution industry in its true form in Egypt in 1995 to serve pharmacists and suppliers, complementing that missing link in the supply chain by establishing “Pharmaoverseas”. He was also well versed in the tax performance of pharmacies, invited by the Pharmacists’ Union to give several lectures on the tax account of pharmacy, as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of The University of Alexandria.

Dr. Ahmed appreciated the profession greatly as he stood against the monopoly thought with his distinctive business vision, and owned the insight that drug market could tolerate a number of suppliers only with: innovative thought, high quality service, and maintained continuity.

He faced challenges by strategic planning and enlightened way of thinking through which he adapted modern technology to his advantage maintaining the required marketing development and so, he was the first to apply the “SAP” system in process of drug distribution, facilitating deals with pharmacists through mobile applications as well as applying the bill system in its modern form through which he could send daily messages to pharmacists.

Dr Ahmed believed that the human element is the basis of success on which everything is held so he always kept developing and training workers, it was not found that he opened a new branch without making sure that all the other branches are functioning properly.