It’s not just a package of medicine we deliver, it’s a life we save.

Striving to distribute the exact type of medicine that Pharmacies order with high quality of service and in no time using the most advanced ways of technology is what PharmaOverseas has been doing for more than 25 years all over Egypt.

 Bearing in mind that pharmaceutical distribution is a profession rather than a trade business that needs a credible well-known leading Company to take over its responsibility.

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ACID (Advance Cargo Information Digit)

PharmaOverseas held a workshop, through which “Digital truck tracking system” topic was discussed. The main goals of the system: – Raising Egypt’s rank in the field of import and export among world countries – Reducing time consumed during releasing of goods  – Reducing the costs paid – Preventing tampering during transport of goods Chaired by…

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El Rezeiky Pharmacy / Dr. Gergis Shawky

  Dr. Gergis Shawky sees “the world is turning to technology” that is why he uses Pharma E-Market. What is the most important feature for Dr. Gergis? If you have not used the Platform yet, you can make you first order here!

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