Sister Companies

PoslaPharmaOverSeas Learning Academy is a pioneer and tailored educational center of excellence, dedicated to pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, with a vision to develop & shape the future leaders of our industry.

Maintenance and Logistics Services has been Established in 2016 as a sister company to PharmaOverseas.

MLS targeting two main sections:

– Transportation services

– Maintenance services for all kind of systems

PharmaOverseas Import & Export has faced numerous challenges, the most difficult of them is being the head of such a venture that aims to lead the way forward by setting the standards in the pharmaceutical distribution business, dedicated to provide significant added values for the benefit of our customers and business partners through effective and continuous operations in order to achieve professional, unique service.

Magic Pharma is specialized in important pharmaceutical industry that requires continuous thinking as well as novel solutions that promote better health and living, being dedicated to deliver high-quality solutions in many disease areas aiming to improve the treatment outcomes.

At Magic Pharma, the commitment to vision and values is a priority that will lead to a future full of success.